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Meet Jamie


Hello! I’m Jamie Strehlow. I have been a portrait photographer my whole life, just ask my family (my favorite subjects). I studied Photography at Madison College and graduated in 2009.  Photography chose me and eventually I chose it too! It makes me so incredibly happy to photograph people, their families, and their interactions with each other. I love looking at photos of my younger self and my family’s younger years. To me a photograph is so important because it is a gift to the future generation of what your life was like. It is a way to keep the best memories alive and I cherish that.

Portraits are my specialty.  I feel I connect better with smaller groups of people. I love working with babies and children. Their sweet little faces, new expressions and my favorite, the giggles! I just can’t laugh enough! I have been known to break out in song and dance during sessions so don’t be surprised if that happens at your session.  I also really love photographing high school seniors. Each one is different. I love being able to get creative and show their personalities in their portraits.

When I’m not photographing other families’ memories, I’m making them at home with my two sweet little ones!


Photos by Courtney Laper of Courtney Michelle Photography